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DarkHorse Trilogy Salutes Black History Month, Feb. 2019


Americans across the country are honoring African American history during the month of February. I thought it fitting to reflect on the ways in which my DarkHorse Trilogy attempts to honor the legacy of black Americans who contributed so much to the country’s foundation and its future. - EP

THE LIES THAT BIND (DarkHorse Trilogy Book 1), set during slavery in 1859-61, introduces rounded, complex black characters in dominant roles. Breaking Southern literary norms and racial stereotypes, these men are given credit for their expertise and talents as they aid the protagonist Durksen Hurst’s ego-driven desire to build a plantation in rural Mississippi, eventually forming a tight friendship.

HONOR AMONG OUTCASTS, book 2, set in 1863 during the Civil War, takes the relationship between the men a step further as they demonstrate their bravery and determination to free their people by forming a Union colored regiment to fight guerrillas in western Missouri.


The trilogy concludes in 1865 with SOMETHING IN MADNESS (released late-2019), as the survivors from the war return to Mississippi during Reconstruction, hoping to resume their lives, but confront the scarred remains of a bruised community still torn apart by racism, political infighting, and legislative manipulations.

Learn about Black History Month by visiting ASALH (the Association for the Study of African American Life and History).

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