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On With the New Year: Forthcoming Novels in the Queue

Late-2015 proved a busy, busy time for me. My first novel, The Lies That Bind (The DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 1), was published in early December by TouchPoint Press, and as you can imagine, it was quite a thrill to hold the book in my hands after all that went into it!

Even before the book was in print, I’d had three interviews lined up, with many other interviews, signings and appearances in store for 2016.

Different Strokes for Different Folks
My first interview took place Dec. 3, just before the book’s release, on David Clarke’s Different Strokes for Different Folks” (we talked a full 58 min.). David calls himself a “spiritual adventurer,” and we talked about the “spiritual” — or what I’d describe as the “aspirational” — aspects of The Lies That Bind. These can be found deeply buried under the layers of desperation the characters endure and the subterfuge they must promulgate to survive in that restrictive society—beneath their deeply hidden secrets. Find it here.

Hangin With...
On the heels of the Clarke interview, I did my first Skype interview with G.W. Pomichter for his YouTube show “Hangin With... (30 min.). Garrett, a former journalist, is a great interviewer, with lots of personality and knowledge in the arts, literature and film, and the show has terrific production values. I see a limitless future in TV for Garrett. Catch it at on YouTube.

“The Writer’s Block”
On March 31, I’ll be speaking with Jim Christina and Bobbi Bell on their LA Talk Radio show, “The Writer’s Block.” Being an LA show, I’ll probably talk more extensively on my screenwriting and how The Lies That Bind had its roots in that medium.

"An audacious scheme"
I’ve even ventured into production myself, posting a brief trailer on YouTube: An audacious scheme: The Lies That Bind. In 1:15 min. it captures the intrigue and essence of The Lies That Bind. View it here.

Much more in the works! All will be posted on the Events page of my website so check back frequently. I’ll also be posting events on my Facebook page - so “Like” me if you haven’t already to get the latest. Will tweet it out too.

New novels in the queue—whoa!
Working now on two books that definitely bear the Ed Protzel imprint—conflicted characters burdened by lots of secrets, plots with a plethora of surprises, revelations, twists and turns.

First on my agenda is researching and sketching out Honor Among Outcasts, Book 2 in The DarkHorse Trilogy, which takes place in Civil War Missouri, the nastiest, cruelest perversion of the conflict. Oh, my poor, sensitive characters, faced with unspeakable crimes! Massacres of civilians by Confederate bushwackers, even Order 11 by Union General Ewing, which cleared whole counties of “pro-rebel” sympathizers: men, women, and children. How did the DarkHorse partners—Durk, Big Josh, Antoinette, Isaac, et al—Devereau French, and their respective allies jump out of the frying pan into this inferno? Book 2 due in 2016; Book 3, Something in Madness, to follow in 2017.

And then there is The Antiquities Dealer, nearing completion. I describe the novel as a genre-stretching, ostensible futuristic suspense/mystery/thriller (and don’t forget, romance). But aren’t all my works genre-stretchers?

In this novel, an upscale Jewish antiquities gallery owner is drawn by his former lover into a scheme by a purportedly ancient society of Israelis to clone the great minds of history—beginning with Jesus Christ. Oh, my!

Millennial religion, futuristic biotechnology, and human evolution collide in a cauldron peopled by our intrepid couple, plus a TV evangelist, lowlife gamblers, a former NFL player (“God’s Left Tackle”), Middle East conspiracies, and radicals of the major world religions. 

But unlike The Lies That Bind, where all the tension is dramatic or internal, The Antiquities Dealer has its share of murder, assassinations, and kidnapping…as does the real world. Buckle your seat belts!

In the meantime, I’ll be writing and exercising regularly to lose those extra holiday pounds :)

A good 2016 to you all!

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