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Ed Protzel's Long and Winding Road to Publication

Ed Protzel, novelist and screenwriter. Author of The Lies That Bind: DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 1

Ed Protzel, novelist and screenwriter. Author of The Lies That Bind: DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 1

Ed Protzel attempts to provide fundamentally different experiences for the reader, at once tense, touching, ironic, tragic, and funny, often with conflicting ideas playing out—and myriad twists, turns and surprises. Ed likes surprises.

A mix of a Jewish father and a part-Cherokee mother, Ed lived for a short time in an orphanage when his parents divorced. After high school, he left home to live in St. Louis’ Gaslight Square entertainment district, among its collection of artists, entertainers, and in his words, “lunatics, druggies, and driftwood denizens.” This experience gave Ed his unique perspective, which is reflected in many of his fictional characters—outsiders and gamesters, male and female, on lonely, often deadly, quests, seeking justice, love, and fulfillment against society’s blindness.

Ed split his professional life between working in securities management, while in his free time doing what he loved most—writing screenplays and later novels. Over the years, Ed worked at 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles and completed five original screenplays for feature film, one of which was optioned, and honored by Missouri Playwrights Association.

But fame didn’t come knocking.

Earning a master’s in English literature/creative writing from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Ed turned to novels, first transforming one of his Southern Gothic screenplays into what became The Lies That Bind, the first published book in his Civil War-era DarkHorse Trilogy, a process that took well over 10 years and many rewrites. Book 2 of the trilogy, Honor Among Outcasts, is due for release this fall, with the final book, Something in Madness, scheduled for 2018.

Ed lives and writes in St. Louis, Missouri.

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