Ed Protzel

Genre-stretching novelist — Author of darkly ironic fiction


Earth Excursions (novel version in progress)
Futuristic tragicomedy in the guise of a political mystery/thriller

In the near future, the Earth has become a popular tourist destination for Alien civilizations. Two upper-echelon cultural tour guides serving advanced, wealthy Alien “Special Guests”—a disillusioned writer and the U.S. President’s idealistic daughter—uncover our planet’s truly unique main “native” attraction. 

Why would advanced Aliens vacation on backward little Earth? What uniquely man-made spectacular can’t they see anywhere else in the entire civilized universe? And why is it being kept so secret...?

Avilable for option

The Lies That Bind
Darkly ironic Southern thriller

1859-61 Mississippi. Defying the South’s “peculiar institution,” a fugitive and group of slaves stranded in the Mississippi wilds form a secret partnership to build their own egalitarian plantation. They collide head-on with the family that dominates the town, threatening to expose long-buried secrets that could bring down their empire.

Driven by overwhelming longings, both outliers and establishment in this labyrinthine-plotted tale refuse to accept the roles society has forced upon them. 

The Lies That Bind_2017_FINAL_FRONT-small.jpg

Novel version available for option from TouchPoint Press.

The Goon and the Ice Princess
Lyrical, bittersweet romantic tragicomedy

A loose-living, veteran NHL defenseman, who is squandering his hockey talents, and the female team owner both must discover what is in their hearts—and what it means to dedicate themselves to something above self-interest. Features real professional hockey action.

Available for option


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