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The Lies That Bind by Ed Protzel

The Lies That Bind

by Ed Protzel

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Ed Protzel

Scintillating Fiction—Touching Hearts, Sparking Imagination


The Antiquities Dealer

Available for acquisition. Contact Loiacono Literary Agency.


When Miriam Solomon, the love of David Greenberg’s life, phones him at his antiquities gallery in St. Louis, the black hole at the center of his heart shudders. Twenty years earlier, Miriam had inexplicably run off to Israel with his best friend, Solly, a brilliant but nerdy young scientist. Now she tells David that Solly has committed suicide and she needs his aid on a secret research project Solly left unfinished: to acquire the one remaining nail from the crucifixion of Jesus. Is she telling the truth? And why does that nail have such significance?

Everyone has his or her own agenda…each with its own mortal consequences.

Earth Excursions

Futuristic tragicomedy in the guise of a political mystery/thriller

(Novel version of completed screenplay in-progress)


In the near future, the Earth has become a popular tourist destination for Alien civilizations. Two upper-echelon cultural tour guides serving advanced, wealthy Alien “Special Guests”—a disillusioned writer and the U.S. President’s idealistic daughter—uncover our planet’s truly unique main “native” attraction. 

Why would advanced Aliens vacation on backward little Earth? What uniquely man-made spectacular can’t they see anywhere else in the entire civilized universe? And why is it being kept so secret...?

Something in Madness: DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 3
(Coming in 2018!)


In the final book of Ed Protzel's DarkHorse Trilogy, Durk Hurst, Antoinette DuVallier, and Big Josh Tyler return South after the Civil War. In attempting to establish a school for former slaves, they are opposed by powerful factions and corrupt gubernatorial politics.

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