Ed Protzel

Genre-stretching novelist — Author of darkly ironic fiction

Something in Madness, the final book in Ed Protzel's DarkHorse Trilogy, takes place in 1865 Mississippi during Reconstruction, as Durksen Hurst, Antoinette DuVallier, and the survivors of his DarkHorse regiment return to war-scarred Turkle hoping to restart their lives. Here they confront a changed South, with freedmen facing restrictive black codes, violence, and intimidation at every turn. Is justice within reach?

Be prepared for Something in Madness. Read…

Book 1, The Lies That Bind, to learn how the DarkHorse partnership formed and why they had to flee Mississippi.

Book 2, Honor Among Outcasts, to learn how the DarkHorse Union Colored Calvary Regiment formed and became embroiled in Missouri’s guerrilla war.

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