Ed Protzel

Genre-stretching novelist — Author of darkly ironic fiction

Something in Madness, the final book in Ed Protzel's DarkHorse Trilogy, ends in 1865 Mississippi during Reconstruction as Durksen Hurst, Antoinette DuVallier, and the surviving DarkHorse men return from Missouri to war-scarred Turkle and confront the cruel Black Codes and other restrictions placed on newly acquired rights of freedmen. In attempting to establish a school for blacks, they are opposed by powerful factions and corrupt political forces.

Be prepared for Something in Madness. Read…

Book 1, The Lies That Bind, to learn how the DarkHorse partnership formed, why they had to flee Mississippi, and how they become embroiled in Civil War Missouri.

Book 2, Honor Among Outcasts, as they become embroiled in Civil War Missouri.

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Something in Madness


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