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The Lies That Bind by Ed Protzel

The Lies That Bind

by Ed Protzel

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Ed Protzel

Scintillating Fiction—Touching Hearts, Sparking Imagination

The Antiquities Dealer

Available for acquisition. Contact Loiacono Literary Agency.

With the tinkle of his little English shoppe bell, St. Louis antiquities gallery owner David Greenberg is instantly torn from his quiet life into a fatal quest that could upend the very foundations of civilization. It starts with a rumor that Jesus Christ is reborn and living in Israel among a secretive ancient society…

When David receives a call from his long-lost love, Miriam Solomon, his heart shudders. Twenty years earlier, Miriam had inexplicably run off to Israel with David’s best friend, Solly, a brilliant scientist. Now she tells David that Solly has committed suicide—and she needs David’s aid to acquire the one remaining nail from Jesus’ crucifixion, which has gone missing. But she fails to mention that ruthless radicals of the world’s three major religions stand in their way. Oy!

Skeptical, but unable to resist Miriam’s charms, David agrees to help, but soon discovers that Miriam has told him one significant lie, and perhaps many more. How deep is her game? When David asks Miriam about the Jesus rumor, she promises David will meet the singular young boy. But what is Miriam’s true connection to the child? Is he her son? Or a “messianic-like” figure?

Meanwhile, kidnappings, torture and murders multiply, and the couple finds themselves pursued from Tel Aviv to London, Paris, and St. Louis. Who is the mysterious mastermind behind this bloody carnage—and what is his motivation? Is the killer the elusive Middle East jihadi? The powerful American TV evangelist? Or one of their protectors, gone bad: the likeable NFL-star-turned-global missionary, or their tough Israeli security guardian?

To fund the society’s earthshaking designs, can the couple pull off the Scams of the Century, partnering with two untrustworthy gamblers to fleece Texas oil billionaires and Saudi schemers? To find the missing relic—if it exists—can David untangle a brain-twisting clue using Bobby Fisher chess and ancient Kabbalah? What a mishegas!

Biotechnology, Doomsday religious movements, and human evolution collide in this cauldron boiling over with deeply existential ironies. And finally, will love conquer all—or has fate condemned David and Miriam to live oceans apart?

© Ed Protzel, 2016

Available for acquisition. Contact Loiacono Literary Agency.

© Copyright 2017 Ed Protzel