Ed Protzel

Genre-stretching novelist — Author of darkly ironic fiction

The Goon and the Ice Princess


Wild-living, veteran Dallas Stars hockey defenseman, HARVEY PROTTO, finds his life in a down-spiral—and it’s mostly his own damn fault. 

Harvey suffers an injury while showboating. His live-in lover, FOXY ROXEY, moves out (their relationship was purely superficial anyway). And when a reporter betrays his confidence about management’s shortcomings, Harvey is history in Dallas, already his fifth team! “Suitcase” Harvey always had great potential and dreamed of being an All-Star player, but somehow he never achieved any of it. Now he’s hit rock bottom. After all, who wants an injured troublemaker?  

In St. Louis, the world has fallen on the shoulders of brainy, sophisticated WENDY SKLOTZ. Her father, BUCKY SKLOTZ, the dapper owner of the NHL St. Louis hockey Blues, is dying from a major stroke. The team is now Wendy’s to make or break—and “break” seems fated. The Blues are losers, going rapidly downhill, with finances bleeding red ink.  

Wendy’s handsome, blueblood/attorney fiancé, CHIP FITZWATER-STYVESANT, pressures her to sell the team to save what remains of Wendy’s family assets, and the bank is doing more than asking politely. Chip plans to run for Congress and wants to wed Wendy to bolster his “family image.” But the Blues have always been Wendy’s extended family...  

POPS VAGUELY, the Blues’ eccentric, elderly coach, begs Wendy to acquire cast-off Harvey to shore up his weak defense. Wendy agrees only very reluctantly. She and Harvey had a youthful love at Michigan U., and the wounds from it are still raw, painful. In fact, Wendy and Harvey can hardly talk to each other without the conversation degenerating into angry vituperation.  

Poor Harvey! Being stuck at the bottom with the ramshackle St. Louis Blues can’t be the place to redeem his hockey career. And his star-crossed college fling with Wendy offers no future. What must a man do to live a complete life?  

Wendy has a clever plan to do the seemingly impossible. Dad (Bucky) won the team in a card game thirty years ago, and Wendy may share his sportsman spirit. But can the first woman boss in the shark-laden NHL outsmart all the other teams to rebuild her franchise? will the attempt cost her Chip, her childhood sweetheart? all her worldly goods? Should Wendy listen to her heart, to her deepest passions, or will her feelings mislead her to tragedy?

Original screenplay for feature film available for option; contact Ed Protzel.

© Copyright 2017 Ed Protzel