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The Lies That Bind by Ed Protzel

The Lies That Bind

by Ed Protzel

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Ed Protzel

Scintillating Fiction—Touching Hearts, Sparking Imagination

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Author of The Lies That Bind, soon to be published by TouchPoint Press

Even the South’s tangled webs of deceit could not shackle the insatiable human heart.

Turkle, Mississippi, 1859-61

Turkle, Mississippi, 1859-61

This is not how they are remembered by history. Driven by overwhelming longings, both outliers and establishment in this labyrinthine-plotted, darkly ironic tale refuse to accept the roles society has forced upon them. 

Read about Ed Protzel’s The Lies That Bind — an exploration of the human struggle for justice, love, and self-fulfillment in the antebellum South. 

Written for broad market appeal: readers who enjoy imaginative, provocative historical novels, mysteries, and family dramas, as well as racial, gender, and macro-social themes.

First in Ed’s planned “Dark Horse” trilogy.
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