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The Lies That Bind


An atmospheric Southern Gothic thriller where no one is who he—or she—pretends to be

Broke and despondent, trickster Durksen Hurst returns to Mississippi seeking redemption for his disreputable past — and maybe some glory. When he encounters a dozen hungry slaves hiding in the wilds, he persuades them to build a plantation with him — a scheme that will threaten the town’s dominant family: the brilliant, mad Widow French and her tortured son, Devereau.

When Antoinette DuVallier, a mysterious woman from New Orleans with unknown ties to the Frenches, arrives desperately seeking her missing boy, long-buried secrets are exposed that tear asunder the once-sleepy hamlet.

As the tangled webs of deceit unravel, each startling revelation shines a fresh light on what it means to be a man or a woman, free or enslaved — indeed, on what it means to be human.

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Coming Feb. 2!
Honor Among Outcasts:
DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 2

After their harrowing escape from Mississippi, abolitionist Durksen Hurst, his fiancée Antoinette DuVallier, and their friends — a group of undocumented slaves — land in guerrilla-infested Civil War Missouri, the most savage whirlwind of destruction, cruelty, and death in American history.

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Next Up!
Something in Madness:
DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 3

Returning South after the Civil War, Durk Hurst, Antoinette DuVallier, and Big Josh Tyler, in attempting to establish a school for former slaves, are opposed by powerful factions and corrupt gubernatorial politics.

Details to be announced.

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