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The Antiquities Dealer


A nail-biting, head-scratching thriller in which fanatical religious factions, human evolution, and biotechnology collide—with mankind's future hanging in the balance.

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When Miriam Solomon, the love of David Greenberg’s life, phones him at his antiquities gallery in St. Louis, the black hole at the center of his heart shudders. Twenty years earlier, Miriam had inexplicably run off to Israel with his best friend, Solly, a brilliant but nerdy young scientist. Now she tells David that Solly has committed suicide and she needs his aid on a secret research project Solly left unfinished: to acquire the one remaining nail from the crucifixion of Jesus. Is she telling the truth? And why does that nail have such significance?

Everyone has his or her own agenda…each with its own mortal consequences.

The Antiquities Dealer: a 2017 Missouri Writers Guild mystery award winner

To be published by TouchPoint Press.
 Media contact: Loiacono Literary Agency

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